#EWSAX entrepreneurship awards

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

After a three-month track the #EWSAX entrepreneurship awards finale resulted in an amazing price to develop NHNCD; further!

The #EWSAX entrepreneurship awards are annually hosted by Saxion University of Applied Sciences and EW Facility Services. The kick-of was in the beginning of March, for which NHNCD; founder Lisa Bootsma was nominated. The first round consisted of four workshops and assessment was based on a financial plan and video pitch. After being nominated for the second round, a 2-day business bootcamp was organised with, amongst others, a legal class, social media workshop and pitch training. Also the first meeting with the members of the jury was included.

Finally, after the bootcamp, the second round nominees were assessed on a business plan and an elaborated financial plan. A couple weeks after, the 5 finalist were announced, and NHNCD; was one of the business ideas selected!

The finale consisted of two parts, a jury presentation and a festive finale evening with a 2-minute pitch. The jury presentations were closed for public and gave the members of the jury the opportunity to elaborate on the business future forecast and the student-entrepreneur. During this day also the introduction videos were made. These videos were shown during the finale one week after, and introduced each finalist and their business.

Watch my introduction video - in Dutch - here!

The finale was a nerve wrecking but also festive evening. Also, Lisa was able to go home with the stimulation price to continue with NHNCD; on the right track!

Watch the after movie here, unfortunately, also in Dutch!