New Vintage

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

The new vintage collection, which will be dropped on NHNCD; starting November 2018 is an exclusive collection of never sold, never worn vintage clothing. Many of these items still have their original hangtags on them.

The history of this collection lies in a Dutch store, which started somewhere in the 1920's and closed it's doors in 1996. Maison T. Bakker-Romeijn was a family business, started by Mrs T. Bakker-Romeijn and continued by her daughter W. Bakker. The shop had a customer base consisting of clients from the upper middle class, who where shopping for high quality goods, the clothing sold all came from Switzerland. Word is, even late Dutch queen Juliana used to be a customer. Twice a year, the women Bakker-Romeijn travelled to Enschede and Middelburg in The Netherlands to present the latest fashion in high class hotels.

After the shop closed, Mrs W. Bakker stored the left-over stock, which was re-discovered this year. Now, these quality goods re-enter the market as unique fashion pieces, with just an unique story. And, of course, with a touch of NHNCD;

The collection consists of dresses, sweaters, skirts and beautiful luxury coats. And don't forget, there is more to come upcoming months!