Scrunchies are reducing waste

Discover our first product to reduce our waste even further.

Our Sustainable Scrunchies are the newest addition to our shop. Why are they reducing our waste? What waste? Let's dive in.

When redesigning vintage items, we often cut of fabrics. In the past 2,5 years, we never threw these pieces away, aiming to upcycle them in the future. Leftover fabrics large enough, or fabrics we possess that have no other purpose, have been turned into scrunchies.

The fun part is, some of these scrunchies match our items! For example our Check It Out scrunchie is made from leftover fabrics of our Checkered Dress which is still available!.

For quality reasons, we decided to use the original traceless hair ring of invisibobble. This makes our scrunchies strong, durable and washable.

We released 3 colours right away: Baby Blue, Pastel Rainbow & Check It Out! Stay tuned, as we are looking forward to launch more options in the future.

All scrunchies have limited stock, as these are the last pieces of fabric left. When they are sold out, there will be no restocking.