Waste is not a concept

At NHNCD;, we focus on vintage items, materials that have been out there for decades. One day, fur used to be a luxury product, maybe it still is even tho it is much more criticised these days. What is our take?

We realise and understand worldwide criticism on animal materials such as fur and leather nowadays. Many methods and cruel and this is something we at NHNCD; do not support.

One of the initial principles NHNCD; started with is the believe that the use of any materials in any industry today should not be harmful to humans, animals or our planet. This is a form of respect to not only our surroundings and our future, but also to ourselves. We see sustainability as a form of respect.

At NHNCD; we only restyle resell vintage items, products that have been out there for decades and have a story to tell. We do not create new materials, buy new materials or throw away materials coming our way.

We reuse, restyle and resell. At NHNCD; waste is not a concept.

We don't expect everyone to accept fur nowadays, that's a decision one makes for themselves and one we fully support. However, decades ago fur was a luxury product, and as a vintage brand we believe that reusing and repurposing these materials are in line with our vision, simply because we don't accept waste.

In all honesty, leather and specifically fur have been a difficult matter, but letting these materials go to waste by refusing to use them also was not an acceptable option and would be out of line with our vision. Once more emphasising the fact that we do not support the creation of new fur, leather -or basically any other materials- we added two high quality vintage coats, including fur materials to our store today.

Did we leave you with questions on this topic? Please don't hesitate to reach out by e-mail hello@nhncd.nl