The world is running out of resources and is working on its reserves, but since there is no planet B, NHNCD; empowers a sustainable plan B for fashion. By only using resources, materials and products already out there, we lower the impact of fashion significantly compared to other (fast fashion) brands. 

In everything we do, we keep the following steps in mind: reduce, reuse, recycle. For NHNCD; this framework results in a unique fashion collection with one-of-a-kind pieces. 

For us, sustainability is a key-goal, as we may say so. There are different ways in working sustainably, ours is to reuse materials out there, instead of producing something new. For packaging, hangtags and business cards this comes in the way of recycled plastics and recycled paper. In our collection you will only find vintage items, clothing that has a good level of quality but has been out there for decades already. Therefore, within the collections you will not see restrictions in materials used. We focus on reusing quality goods, which will always have a lower impact than creating something new, even though it might be sustainably produced. 

NHNCD; believes quality is still out there, we are searching, finding and bringing this back to the market daily. 


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