The world is running out of resources and is working on its reserves, it is clear we cannot continue like we used to. We have to be more aware and sustainable with our resources. NHNCD creates a sustainable alternative  by using resources, materials and products already existing. Vintage items are redesigned or we are using recycled materials and fibers. This way, we lower the impact of fashion significantly compared to the current fast fashion standard. ​


In everything we do, we keep the following steps in mind: reduce, reuse, recycle. For NHNCD this framework results in a unique collection of products.  


For us, sustainability is a key-goal, as we may say so. There are different ways of working sustainably. Ours is to reuse materials recourses which are out there already, instead of growing or producing something new.

Regarding packaging, hangtags and business cards this results in using recycled boxes, paper and other materials available at that moment.


In our collection you will discover vintage items, clothing that has a good level of quality but has been out there for decades already. After thorough cleaning these beautiful items are presented in a new, fresh look.  We focus on the reuse of quality materials and fibers, instead of taking a new resource from mother earth. Because this, this is something we are short of already.


When building and growing our brand we are coming along new opportunities and new products we are offering to you. Our vision always comes before anything else, if we cannot make sustainable choices, there is only one choice. And that’s not to do it.

In 2020 we launched our stationery collection, from which the paper is produced of 100% agricultural waste. We produce it in The Netherlands in partnership with a company that cares about sustainability we do.


For our face masks we use “new” materials because of quality and hygiene reasons. However the fabrics are mainly consisting of recycled cotton, recycled t-shirts, recycled PET and are complemented with other sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton and Tencel. This way, we are able to offer you a sustainable alternative in a uncertain and confusing time.


NHNCD; believes quality is still out there, we are searching, finding and bringing this back to the market daily. 


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